Let's protect your investment with a 5 Year Ceramic Coating!

Protective coatings are the newest and best way to protect your vehicle inside and out. Unlike paint protections from the past like waxes and polymer sealants, protective coatings can withstand high heat and abrasion to protect your vehicle all year around. The most noticeable difference is the ease of cleaning your vehicle once it has been coated. Protective coatings provide a durable layer of hydrophobics so that water and corrosive materials either slide off or they are extremely easy to clean off. Protective coatings can be applied to painted surfaces, metal, plastic, and glass.

Traditional ceramic coatings are water proofing agents that make cleaning your vehicle easier. Contrary to how they are marketed, they are not the end all, be all, for protection against the elements. Many SiO2/TiO2 coatings become clogged rather easily from something as common as hard water. 

These products are prone to water spotting and etching from bugs and bird droppings.

Luckily, the science behind protective coatings is always improving. Advances in protective coatings have led to products that do more than simply shed water. With the implementation of polydimethylsiloxane and a few other chemicals, water spotting and damages to various substrates are much less likely. SPS Coatings implements this structure in all of their protective coatings. Currently, no ceramic coating has compared to the water spot resistance, let alone damages that may be caused from bug and bird droppings of the SPS Coatings line up. Redefining expectations of surface protection is the way forward.

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